About Us

No other center focused on innovative first-responder technologies is positioned as well as the TEEX Testing & Innovation Center to provide subject-matter expertise, updated methodologies, and philosophies on public safety.

Our History

For nearly a decade, the TEEX Testing & Innovation Center (TT&IC) has focused on facilitating rapid identification and implementation of innovation in the Public Safety and Homeland Security ecosystems. TT&IC works to advance both technology and policy, as well as build and sustain collaboration between organizations. This is accomplished by leveraging the knowledge, experience, world-class facilities, and direct access to practitioners within TEEX and research scientists within the Texas A&M University System to become a premier resource for both emerging and established public safety technologies.

Department of Defense Technology Transition

From 2016-2019, TT&IC executed the Defense to Response Technology Transition Program (D2R) awarded by the Domestic Preparedness Support Initiative (DPSI) in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. 

The goal was to transition or advance late prototype phase technologies that had received funding from the Department of Defense to the public safety market within 9 months. Nine technologies were selected out of 34 semifinalists to work through the process. 

Projects Completed
DoD Technologies Transitioned
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Why Choose Us?

The TEEX Testing & Innovation Center makes it easy to put the Texas A&M University System to work for you and your technology. Our process for product development leverages engineering expertise, experienced market analysts, laboratories, and real-world facilities to ensure your technology stays on the path to commercialization. 

Our unbiased assessments will help you develop, test and deliver your product to the global market.