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Market Assessment

With the ability to leverage an extensive breadth and depth of safety and public safety networks, TT&IC can provide detailed assessments of the current safety and public safety competitive landscapes. Our assessments are an analysis of current market conditions that include viable opportunities within the existing ecosystem, barriers to entry, and potential distribution channels for innovative products entering the safety ecosystem. We leverage expertise from academia, industry, government, customers, and competitors to provide the most comprehensive environmental assessment possible. Our market studies identify potential profit opportunities and competitive insights into the safety industry other organizations cannot easily provide.

Applied Research

Positioned uniquely to bridge the gap between the bench and field, TT&IC brings together collaborative teams of practitioners, scientists, and developers who are focused on developing and implementing solutions to practical problems, specifically aimed at workplace safety, public safety, and homeland security sectors. Our collaboration ranges from developing and delivering exercises, facilitating research activities, coordination of advisory boards or Subject Matter Professional panels, and other services tailored to the customers’ specific needs.


Technologies are constantly evolving to meet the challenges of changing markets, policies, standards, and consumer demands. We specialize in developing technology performance assessments, tailored to meet the needs of safety, emergency response, and homeland security professionals. We leverage the unique TEEX facilities and other Texas A&M University System resources to ensure each product feasible, valid and reliable when it arrives in the user’s hands. The TEEX TESTED® mark is our offering for designing and executing practical assessments for disruptive and innovative technologies.

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Get your product TEEX TESTED®

Total Safety, a integrated safety services company, announced that its Centralized Confined Space Monitoring System has been tested and evaluated by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service Product Development Center (“TEEX PDC”) at TEEX’s Emergency Services Training Institute to verify compliance with the current interpretation of Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s 29 CFR 1910.146. The patent-pending system from Z-Systems, already successfully deployed in Europe, will likely serve as a further supplement to existing confined space safety operations. Total Safety engaged TEEX PDC to review and provide an independent third-party evaluation, and to coordinate and document operational tests utilizing the parameters of TEEX TESTED®. The TEEX PDC TESTED trademark ensures products or technologies entering the marketplace perform reliably with integrity and durability, as intended, under acceptable, repeatable real-world conditions.

Forever Safe Shelters (Forever Safe) is a developer of an above ground “Safe Shelter.” Forever Safe’s wind resistant structural technology system serves as a tornado shelter/safe room. Additionally, Forever Safe’s shelters are precast, modularized components that allow for significant advantages in budget and installation. To determine the pressure bearing capabilities of Forever Safe’s primary component panels, two static load tests were performed: out-of-plane bending and punch-through tests. Forever Safe Shelters also underwent missile testing, ballistics testing and just to see if it could withstand the extreme, a van was dropped on the shelter from 50 feet. After the full extent of being TEEX TESTED® Forever Safe Shelters are ready to weather the toughest storms. 

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Draeger Safety Inc. called on the TEEX Product Development Center (TEEX PDC) for testing and evaluation of its portable gas detection and personnel tracking system for workers who perform confined space entry. The company engaged TEEX PDC to coordinate and document operational tests utilizing the parameters of TEEX TESTED®, an unbiased product testing service of the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX). TEEX PDC evaluated and tested Draeger’s Confined Space Equipment at TEEX’s renowned fire and rescue training facility, Brayton Fire Training Field, to verify compliance with the current interpretation of Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OHSA) 29 CFR 1910.146. Draeger’s sensor technology and user-friendly products monitor gas concentrations and are designed to supplement existing confined space safety operations.

The Drago Cannon is a product designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of current water suppression delivery systems by improving the absorption and expansion characteristics of
suppression agents. By utilizing a powered fan to further the breakup of the suppression stream and engineering a more efficient method of stream interference at the nozzle. TEEX PDC provided third-party evaluation of the industrial fire suppression characteristics associated with the Drago Cannon. This evaluation was performed at the TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field in College Station, Texas and was conducted under the guidance and direction of the Product Test Plan developed by the PDC. The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the capability of the Drago Cannon during operational industrial fire scenarios. The overall evaluation was based on the experience of Subject Matter Experts (SME) and data collected during the evaluations. Scenarios were developed to examine the capability of the system to deliver improved fire suppression in those scenarios.

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Use of the Registered Trademark

At the conclusion of a TEEX TESTED® project, you will be provided a final report in which TEEX Testing & Innovation Center will affix the TEEX TESTED® mark. Use of the TEEX TESTED® mark will require one of the following disclaimers:

“The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) developed aspects of this report and data for (Insert name of company). No other recipient of this document may rely upon the data or any representations made in this report for any purpose. TEEX hereby disclaims and any recipient of this report waives any warranties whether express or implied including without limitation any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. Any recipient of this report accepts the report ‘as is’ and acknowledges that TEEX has no responsibility or liability to the recipient. TEEX does not in any way endorse the Product.”

“The (system, product or technology) has been TEEX TESTED® to (Insert Standard or parameter). This testing does not constitute an endorsement by TEEX.